Get a greater Insight

Great Places’ Insight group has been very busy in 2020 to ensure the services we deliver meet the needs of our customers.

The group runs checks on services such as repairs and records customers’ experiences when accessing them to see if we deliver on our promises.

Insight’s function is to research the reality of services delivered to customers and compare their findings with Great Places’ service offer, to identify where possible improvements may be made using the customer voice.

A report is written setting out their findings to support any suggestions for improvement that’s passed onto Great Places to consider and respond with an action plan, which is regularly monitored.

In the last few months Insight has reviewed how customers were consulted about new Neighbourhood Action Plans, as well as contacting customers to ask their views about service delivery during the pandemic.

Tracy Gregory, Customer Scrutiny Co-ordinator, said: “Insight would like to thank customers who gave feedback in response to these reviews. The comments helped Insight agree and suggest areas for improvement to Great Places.

“After the findings have been presented to Board in December, the report and any agreed improvements will be posted on Great Places website and in future editions of My Great Place.”

One of our Insight panel said: “Being involved has helped build my confidence, knowing I’m contributing in a useful way which will make a difference to services delivered to other customers.”

Insight is always on the look-out for customers who wish to contribute and there are many ways you can do this.

If you feel you have skills that could be put to good use and you can take an objective view, email Maria Morris at to ask for more details or register your interest.

Don’t wait around get online!

Did you know most of your neighbours are registered on the customer self-serve portal on our website? It’s free to register and is quick, easy and convenient to use.

It’s safe and secure, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere you are online. It works on mobile phones, tablets and computers, so it’s quick and easy and puts you in control. You can:

  • Pay your rent anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi
  • Check your rent balance without having to get in touch with us
  • Report a repair
  • Update your contact details so that we can send you the right type of information

If you haven’t already, visit to register and open an account.

A tap to fix a tap – It’s four times quicker by Live Chat

Reporting a repair?

Whether it’s a blocked toilet or drain, a jammed door or broken handle, don’t wait around on the phone to report it - our Live Chat option is available. It’s much quicker than sending us an email and even faster than phoning us. It’s ready to use on a mobile phone, tablet and laptop from 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday.

Not sure how to get started? Simply visit Locate the chat window. Look to the bottom right of our website, there’s a box ready for you to click. And you’re ready to get going. On your smartphone it will be a blue box at the top of the website. Tap on the box and start your chat.